Floating Furniture is a furniture series made in cork that will help you float when the sea level increases.
Floating furniture helps people to sit in water when the world eventually will be flooded caused by climate change. By 2100 the sea level is expected to rise by 30-120 cm or more, making some locations over flooded.
A very unsettling and dark future scenario, since the level will increase potentially year by year. The level rises as a result of the water expanding caused by higher temperatures, melting ice and an increasing level of catastrophes.

Research for the project revealed that civil people are responsible of 3% of the climate change while the rest of the environmental impact stems from industries. That is why the floating aid product aims to make as little environmental impact as possible, by using the sustainable and renewable material - cork.

The product is a statement derived from frustration, telling a story of an unsettling future and the systemic change that the world needs. If we don’t change our behaviour - you might as well get a floating furniture and sit and wait for the sea level to rise.

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