The Dream View is a design collection consisting of three different products. A chair, a sphere and a lamp.
Each of the products are designed to explore how design can improve mental wellbeing - by daydreaming and observing the sky. Daydreaming is an inward attention and reflection. It's a meditative state where we learn, grow and come up with new ideas. And looking at the sky is an excellent space to drift off.

“Everything the brain interprets, it interprets in context.
(...) When we are looking directly up at the sky and we are missing our normal frame of the horizon and the cityscape we are just seeing the light it self. What that causes this is an out of context experience where we feel like we are now part of that atmosphere. We are tied right into that.”

David Eagleman, neuro scientist

The Dream View collection curates moments of focus, by reflecting, projecting and replicating the sky.
The designs are accessible in three different locations: outdoor, by the window and indoor - designed to be a part of our brief everyday routines.

Exhibitions + Awards : 
Nominee “Furniture of the Year” 2022 Design Awards
Exhibition new Sphere collection at 3 Days of Design CPH 2022 
Sphere acquired by the Danish Design Museum 2022
Finalist “Young Talent” at Danish Design Award 2022
Nominee at “”Pure Talent Contest” IMM Cologne 2021
Exhibition PEJ Scandinavian Trend Institute 2022
Velux “Build for Life” Future Panel discussion 2021
Exhibition 3 Days of Design CPH 2021
Exhibition London Design Festival 2021
Ruth Drew Prize Royal College of Art 2021

Photos: Cecilie Jegsen
Location: Observatoriet DK

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