Cutlery is probably the most intimate object and most useful tool we use in our home - every single day. Therefore, they are sometimes also hard to notice, because using them and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner is very habituated.  
Silhouette cutlery offers a new playful and elegant shape, that invites you in for sensory discovery and engagement. One single shape converted into a series of cutlery consisting of a fork, knife and spoon, playing with traditional perception of our everyday utensils.  By using this symphony of silhouettes I hope that the aesthetic and sensory experience of dining will be elevated, making people become even more present in the moment, and engaged in each others company.
Silhouette Cutlery won the Runner Up Price at The Cutlers' Company 2021
The Judges statement: 
"Fluid lines and functionality characterises this aesthetically pleasing cutlery"
Design Process
3D Printed prototype


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