photo by Jannick Boerlum Photography
Lise Vester - born in 1991 nearby the Danish Limfjord 
i have always loved beautiful and interesting surroundings, to be creative and curious - and at Krabbesholm boarding school, i started my design career studying design. currently i am completing my PBA in Furniture Design at Via Design (TEKO) in Denmark. all my work is a part of my design portfolio, and is not in production.
i think it is a gift to design. it is an opportunity to create inventive products that can improve everyday life, shape our physical world and people’s wellbeing. i strive to be open minded and intuitive, to come up with great ideas and original design solutions.
i believe that beautiful and functional surroundings make us happier.

PBA Furniture Design – Via Design & Business 2017
AK Furniture Design – Via Design & Business 2016
Krabbesholm Højskole (Design) 2014

&tradition - design intern 2017
Lightyears - collaboration 2. year exam 2016
Nørgaard Design - design intern 2015

DokkX Aarhus, Interactive Exhibition of Modern Welfare Technology 2017
Formland Autumn 2017 
Milan Design Week 17, Remedy Rush, awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation
Trends & Traditions 2016, 2017
Møbelseminar, Lifestyle & Design Cluster, Herning 2016
Det Hemmelige Galleri, TEKO design, Herning 2016
Det Hemmelige Galleri, TEKO Furnituredesign & Hautecouture, Herning 2015
Northmodern (with FSC) 2014, 2015
FSC Design award 2014, 2015
Århundredets Festival 1800-tallet, Aarhus Godsbane, 2014


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