"Bless you" is a universal and polite respons to people who sneeze. Even from far distances - and to strangers. It is a strong force of habit, and an action of kindness and care for peoples' well-being - often followed by a thank you, creating a feel-good connection. The Bless You jewelry is made to nudge people to keep good hygiene. A fun and kindly reminder, that can be worn as a brooch or as a necklace. More than ever good hygiene is a great tool of weapon to prevent the spread of germs and virus to keep people healthy. The jewelry is made in fine silver & has freshwater pearls dangling from the nostrils. Keeping sense of humor in difficult times such as an pandemic crises can be healthy. And if the jewelry can create a smile or two, the darkness will suddenly light up just a little bit.
2020 Pandemic design  

from copenhagen, denmark (københavn, danmark)   © 2024 LISE VESTER    ︎    ︎    ︎