photo Christian Torp
Lise Vester . Furniture designer . 1991 . Copenhagen / Denmark 

All my work is part of my online design portfolio and is not in production. 
If you are interested in some of my designs or a collaboration, please let me know.

2018    Studio David Thulstrup - design intern 
2018    Lifestyle & Design Cluster - Design Boost project - designer 
2017    &tradition - design intern 
2016    Lightyears - collaboration 2. year exam 
2015    Nørgaard Design - design intern 

2019    Shortlisted Young Talent at Danish Design Award nominated by Via Design 
2018    Winner of DesignTalent 2018 at Danish Entrepreneurship Award
2018    Finalist at FSC Design Award 2018
2018    Winner of Talent of the year / Årets Talent Bo Bedre Design Awards
2017    Remedy Rush exhibition, Milan Design week 2017 - awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation
"The students have managed to work out a number of stigmatizing and taboo topics in a convincing manner, thereby demonstrating what the new generation of designers and craftsmen can and wants with the subject."
2017    PBA Furniture Design – Via Design & Business 
2016    AK Furniture Design – Via Design & Business 
2014    Krabbesholm Højskole - Design team 

2019    Formland Spring (FSC exhibition)
2018    Danish Entrepreneurship Award / DesignTalent
2018    FSC Design Award
2018    PEJ galleri 
2018    Trends & Traditions, upcoming designer 
2018    Stockholm Furniture & Lightfair, Greenhouse 
2018     Formland Autumn
2017    Trends & Traditions, Via Design
2017    DokkX Aarhus, Interactive Exhibition of Modern Welfare Technology 
2017    Formland Autumn
2017    Milan Design Week, Remedy Rush, Ventura Lambrate
2016    Trends & Traditions, Via Design
2016    Møbelseminar, Lifestyle & Design Cluster, Herning 
2016    Det Hemmelige Galleri, curator, TEKO design, Herning 
2015    Det Hemmelige Galleri, curator, TEKO Furnituredesign & Hautecouture, Herning 
2015    Skive Festival, curator at ROLINU stage area 
2015    Northmodern (FSC exhibition)
2015    FSC Design award
2014    Northmodern (FSC exhibition)
2014    FSC Design award
2014    Århundredets Festival 1800-tallet, Aarhus Godsbane (Krabbesholm) 

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